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Aims and Scope


To provide a platform for timely original engineering researches and emerging technologies, the Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers (JCIE) is devoted to publish articles in all aspects of engineering and related fields in applied sciences ranging from fundamental principles to practical applications. Research findings and ideas published in this journal are considered with great lasting value in the engineering domain.

The JCIE is published eight times a year in January, March, April, June,July, September, October, December for effective distribution of research results. For years, our journal brings its readers the latest in technology trends as written by the very creators and innovators of those technologies. The JCIE has been recognized as one of the leading prestigious international journals. Thus, JCIE has been recorded in many widespread indexing information databases such as Aerospace & High Technology Database, Asia/Pac Bus, Jrnls, Current Contents Search, Ei Compendex, Elsevier Science's Bibliographic Database, Engineered Materials Abstracts, INSPEC, Mathsci, METADEX, SciSearch Cited Ref Sci, Social SciSearch, etc. The journal can also be found in the ISI master journal list.

Through our steadfast dedication to further improvement, we plan to broaden our reach by building relationships with the other prestigious international conferences, and publishing their distinguished papers selectively if possible. To facilitate references of related topics, when it is appropriate we will compile accepted technical papers in the same category into a special section or issue spotlighting a particular technology in detail.


To cover a wide range of engineering disciplines and industrial applications, our journal includes the following engineering arenas.

       1. Chemical engineering, and its related fields. 
       2. Civil engineering, and its related fields. 

       3. Computer, computer engineering and their related fields.
Electrical engineering, and its related fields.
Electronics, and its related fields. 
       6. Mechanical engineering, and its related fields.

Peer Review Process

As soon as the Editorial Office receives a submitted manuscript and all of the required forms including the Copyright Agreement and the Page Charge Authorization form, the Editorial office will forward the manuscript to an appropriate Subject Editor based on the paper content and initiate the review process. The Subject Editor examines the submitted paper to determine whether it falls within the scope of JCIE or not. If it does, the Subject Editor selects a slate of referees to perform paper review.

Referees are normally asked to respond within four weeks. If they are late, remainders are sent. If the Subject Editor cannot have the timely response from the referee, the manuscript is then sent to an alternative referee. The Subject Editor evaluates reviews when they come in. If a review is deemed lacking in critical quality, i.e. the technical and scientific strengths or shortcomings of the work have not been adequately addressed, then an additional review is sought.

Copies of the reviews (at least two) are referred to the Subject Editor who examines all materials and decides on a course of action. The decision is also checked by the executive editor and is then conveyed to the author by the Editorial Office.

Publication Frequency

The Journal of the Chinese Institute of Engineers is published eight times a year in January, March, April , June, July, September, October and December.


To be published in JCIE, the manuscript should be in correct scientific English and free of grammatical and spelling errors.

In addition, the authors should follow the JCIE formats. Please see JCIE formats. Failure to do so may result in denial of publication

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