Table of Contents

Civil Engineering - Full Paper

Effect of Lift on Bed-Surface Sediment Size Distribution in Channel Bend Abstract
Jiun-Huei Jang, Hsin-Ya Ho, Chin-Lien Yen pp. 565-579
Texture Augmented Analysis of High Resolution Satellite Imagery in Detecting Invasive Plant Species Abstract
Fuan Tsai, Ming-Jhong Chou pp. 581-592
Large Deflection Analysis of Flexible Planar Frames Abstract
Tong-Yue Wu, Ren-Zou Wang, Chung-Yue Wang pp. 593-606
Optimal Planning Method with Restrictive Constraints for High-Rise Buildings Abstract
Yu-Chun Huang, Ching-Hwang Wang, Robert L. Chen pp. 607-618
A Reliable Three-Node Triangular Plate Element Satisfying Rigid Body Rule and Incremental Force Equilibrium Condition Abstract
Shyh-Rong Kuo, Chih-Chang Chi, Weichung Yeih, Jiang-Ren Chang pp. 619-632
The Evolution of Natural Disaster Management System in Taiwan Abstract
Liang-Chung Chen, Jie-Ying Wu, Mei-Ju Lai pp. 633-638
Nonlinear Error Propagation Analysis of Implicit Pseudodynamic Algorithm Abstract
Shuenn-Yih Chang pp. 639-653
Theoretical Approach to the Solutions of Axially Loaded Complex Ropes Abstract
Jia-Yih Yen, Chun-His Chen pp. 725-731
Failure Probabilities of Reinforced Concrete Column Footings Abstract
Wen-Yao Lu pp. 733-739
Denitrification under High Dissolved Oxygen by a Membrane-Attached Biofilm Reactor Abstract
Yu-Jie Chang, Chung-Ming Ho, Chao-Chien Chang, Szu-Kung Tseng pp. 741-745

Electrical Engineering - Full Paper

A Novel Material for Grounding Resistance Reduction Agent Abstract
Jiann-Fuh Chen, Tsorng-Juu Liang, Li-Hsiung Chen, Wen-I Wang pp. 655-662
Subspace-Based Techniques for 2-D DOA Estimation with Uniform Circular Array under Local Scattering Abstract
Ann-Chen Chang, Chih-Wei Jen pp. 663-673
A Hybrid Scheme of Signal Process Techniques to Improve the Measurement Accuracy of Antenna Radiation Patterns inside an Anechoic Chamber Abstract
Hsi-Tseng Chou, Yu-Ting Hsiao, Yun-Chen Lu pp. 675-682
Dynamic Recurrent Wavelet Network Controllers for Nonlinear System Control Abstract
Cheng-Jian Lin, Chi-Yung Lee, Cheng-Chung Chin pp. 747-751
On the A [r, R] Instability Criteria for a Class of Uncertain Systems Abstract
Yeong-Jeu Sun pp. 753-758
Fuzzy Rules Extraction from Numerical Data Using a Hybrid Base-N-Number-Coded GA and SVD-QR Method Abstract
Chia-Chong Chen pp. 759-764

Mechanical Engineering - Full Paper

Time and Frequency Domain Identification and Analysis of a Permanent Magnet Synchronous Servo Motor Abstract
Jui-Jung Liu, Ya-Wei Lee, Fu-Cheng Wang, Ramesh Uppala, Ping-Hei Chen pp. 683-695
Modeling and Fabrication of a Piezoelectric Vibration-Induced Micro Power Generator Abstract
Gou-Jen Wang, Wen-Chun Yu, Ying-Hsu Lin, Hsiharng Yang pp. 697-706
Vorticity Evolution Mechanism in Near-Field of a Transverse Jet Abstract
Jen Lan, Rong Fung Huang pp. 707-716
Numerical Modeling and Experimental Investigation on the Superficial Layer of SKD61 Steel During Laser Surface Hardening Abstract
Kwo-An Chiang, Yong-Chwang Chen pp. 717-724