Table of Contents

Chemical Engineering - Full Paper

Fabrication of TiO2 nanotube arrays of different dimension for photocatalytic decomposition of IPA in air streams Abstract
Young Ku, Pei-Yu Lin, Yu-Cheng Liu, Hsuan-Chih Wu

Civil Engineering - Full Paper

A parameter to improve stability for a family of dissipative integration methods Abstract
Shuenn-Yih Chang, Ngoc-Cuong Tran, Tsui-Huang Wu
CPT-based LPI criteria for ground liquefaction risk classification Abstract
Chih-Sheng Ku, Chen-Min Ma
Enhanced analysis and design of eccentrically loaded weld connections Abstract
Dung-Myau Lue, Chien-Chien Chang, Cheng-Yen Liao, Wei-Ting Hsu

Electrical Engineering - Full Paper

Fuzzy-based coverage and capacity scheme in LTE heterogeneous networks Abstract
Yen-Wei Kuo, Li-Der Chou
Numeral-source, high-resolution, staircase multi-level inverter with low number of conducting switches Abstract
Ehsan Esfandiari, Behzad Bahraminejad, Norman Bin Mariun

Electrical Engineering - Short Paper

Efficient Reverse Converter Design for the New Four-moduli Set {22n, 2n+1, 2n/2+1, 2n/2−1} Abstract
Siang-Min Siao, Ming-Hwa Sheu, Yin-Tsung Hwang, Shao-Yu Wang

Mechanical Engineering - Full Paper

Optimal investment strategies for flexible workers under uncertain demand Abstract
Junrui Lu, Fansen Kong, Liangliang Wang
Development of adjustable stiffness actuator by varying lever arm length Abstract
Muahammad Usman, Ali Raza
A multi objective genetic algorithm approach to a design parameter generation for a robot platform on three omnidirectional wheels Abstract
Chyi-Yeu Lin, Tesfaye Wakessa Gussu, Yao-Nien Tsai
Influences of argon plasma cleaning on the die-shear force of chip and copper/polyimide flexible substrate assembly using a non-conductive film Abstract
Lung-Chuan Tsao, Yen-Hui Lin, Chueng-Li Chuang, Jun-You Chen