Table of Contents

Civil Engineering - Full Paper

Elasto-plastic analysis of a circular opening considering material dilatancy and elasto-plastic coupling effects Abstract
Zeqi Zhu, Qian Sheng, Jianhe Li
Pushover and shaking table tests on a rocking-governed column-footing model on dry dense sand Abstract
Jiunn-Shyang Chiou, Chia-Han Chen, Yu-Wei Hwang

Electrical Engineering - Full Paper

Fee collection plan for plug-in electric vehicles charged in nonresidential parking lots with minimum hardware investment: a study of Asian megacities Abstract
Chia-Yu Yao, Shui-Chin Wang, Cheng-Hung Yu
Static output tracking control for non-linear polynomial time-delay systems via block-pulse functions Abstract
Bassem Iben Warrad, Mohamed Karim Bouafoura, Naceur Benhadj Braiek
Wavelet packet transform-based anti-jamming scheme with new threshold selection algorithm for GPS receivers Abstract
Ying-Ren Chien

Electronic Engineering - Full Paper

Modeling analysis and fabrication of MEMS capacitive differential pressure sensor for altimeter application Abstract
Eswaran Parthasarathy, S. Malarvizhi
Generation and quality improvement of 3D models from silhouettes of 2D images Abstract
Watchama Phothong, Tsung-Chien Wu, Chun-Yeh Yu, Jiing-Yih Lai, Douglas W. Wang, Chao-Yaug Liao

Information Engineering - Full Paper

A haoop-based parallel mining of frequent itemsets using N-Lists Abstract
Mohammad Karim Sohrabi, Narjes Taheri

Mechanical Engineering - Full Paper

Synthesis and characterization of photopolymerizable triblocks for 3D printing tissue engineering scaffolds Abstract
Yih-Lin Cheng, Yi-Jue Hsu